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2020 NFL Draft Prospect Interview: Tyson Basham, OL, Lincoln University (PA)

Tyson Basham the mauling offensive lineman from Lincoln University (PA) recently sat down with NFL Draft Diamonds owner Damond Talbot
  • Name: Tyson Basham
  • Height: 6040
  • Weight: 360
  • Position: OL
  • College: Lincoln University (PA)
  • Twitter: @basham211

Tell us about your hometown, and what you love most about it?

• My hometown is Temple Hills Maryland in the Prince George’s County area and what I love about my town is the community everybody is there for you and we help each other out.

List these three in order of importance and why: Film Study, Strength and Conditioning and Practice?

• Film study is the most important every week going against a new team any tiny glimpses of film can make a difference as a offense of Lineman I have to focus on defense of line and linebackers, next is conditioning and practice because we all know that we can look at a play all day long but we need to study that play and take it to the field then run drills and condition ourselves so that we will be able to last longer than the other team. And finally strength training the reason I put strength training last is because offense of lineman need to be strong already before the season starts and still work out after practice because the quarterback and running back’s lives depend on us.

What do you worry about, and why?

• What I worry about the most is the defense of lineman and their stunts they’re starting to get tricky by pulling back d-lineman and sometimes bring in their linebackers there’s a lot I have to watch out for but luckily I have sharp eyes.

Give me an example of when you failed at something. How did you react and how did you overcome failure?

• Back in high school I failed to make the varsity basketball team during my sophomore year so the whole year I trained myself in speed and strength in intelligence and believing in myself I was able to have another tryout during the spring league season and I made the varsity team the next year. 

What do your teammates say is your best quality?

• My teammates say my best quality is my Energy every time we go in for a play I feel like jumping for joy because I know I’m having fun and I know my team got my back as we go for a touchdown every time They believe in me, the same way I believe in them.

Who is the best player you have ever played against in college?

• Tre Buford (94- Bowie state)

What would your career be if you couldn’t play football? 

• If I could not  play football no more I would have to follow my Plan B or my plan C and that is to follow my major sociology it start to work with young children with behavioral issues or work or counseling.

Room, desk and car – which do you clean first?

• My room because you would never know when you might get an unexpected guest and let’s be honest who could ever find anything in a dirty room. Then my car and finally my desk.

If there was a disaster and you could either save three strangers or one family member, which would you choose and why?

• The heart in me wishes that I could save them, but the person in me knows that that is impossible and I would risk my life to protect my family member.

If you could be any television or movie character, who would you be and why?

• Captain America because he was a fighter and a great leader which is something I want to Master someday. 

Tell me about your biggest adversity in life and how you’ve dealt with or overcome it?

• My biggest adversity I ever dealt with in life was the time I got hurt my junior year in high school before playoffs and that was because I try to do too much extra activities, in my body gave out so for my senior year I kept it simple and I was at 100% in no time. 

What is your most embarrassing moment?

• My most embarrassing moment would have to be during my freshman year of college because when we have practice in the snow early in the morning every day for the past week then for some reason everybody overslept the following Monday I’m waking everybody up that is a freshman we all got dressed and hurried up to the football field before practice starts so there we are waiting for practice to start turns out coach canceled practice for that one day.

What was the most memorable play of your collegiate career?

• My best play I had would have to be my senior season it was the reverse screen it gave me the chance to knock out a player head to head and give a receiver a open lean.

What song best describes your work ethic?

• Wiz Khalifa and Iggy Azalea (Go hard or go home) I would like this song because it talks about family go further and never look back and always push towards the next mission. 

What is the most important trait you can have (Physical or Non-Physical) to help you succeed at the next level? 

• The most important trait I could have would have to be communications if I do get drafted to any team I would have to use my communication skills to get to know my new teams foundation going all the way to the owner and the coaches my new teammates and the trainers and the rest of the staff to make sure I can get the Layout of my new home and further my success. 

If you could bring one person back from the dead for one day, who would it be and why?

• If I could bring somebody back from the dead I would have to say my uncle Dennis I personally never met him but I know it would make my family happy to see him again. 

If you were to open a dance club, what would you name it? 

• North Blue -because I like the cold and my favorite color is blue

Who is the most underrated player in the NFL? 

• The most underrated player is every offense of Lineman and defensive lineman because as much as the positions do for the team on both sides of the field they get the Least amount of screen time in a game.

Would you rather be liked or respected, and why?

• I would rather be respected them like because you don’t have to like your captain you just have to respect your captain and trust in his words to lead the team to victory. 

Do you love to win, or hate to lose?

• I love to win I love the feeling when you know all your hard work made a difference in order for you to win the game but I also know how feels to lose and how much it hurts. 

Who has been the biggest influence on your life and explain why?

• The biggest influencer in my life would have to be my mother she has been there since the beginning she’s my biggest supporter so if I can get drafted to anything it would be because of her and all the work she put in to making sure I never quit and I continue on my path to greatness. 


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