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Five Bold Predictions for the 2020 NFL Draft

The NFL Draft is right around the corner. There is nothing like bold predictions, and I love to stir some things up before the draft. I honestly think this year could be the wildest year ever when it comes to the NFL Draft. With GM’s sitting at their house and their scouts on speed dial, I love that the NFL is going to try something special this year just to give us something to watch. Let’s make some bold predictions, and see if we can get at least 3 of the right.

  1. Only two quarterbacks are taken in the first round – I have heard a ton about quarterbacks being drafted in the NFL Draft, but this year I think it is going to be different. I do not think teams are going to go in on the quarterback position like they have in the past. I think Tua, Herbert and Love all have a shot of getting drafted in the first, but I think only two of them get picked in the first round. The only downfall to this is, if a team does in fact select them in the first round they have an additional year on their contract.
  2. Two defensive tackles are taken in the top 7 picks – The two best defensive tackle prospects in this draft are Javon Kinlaw and Derrick Brown and I feel there will be two of them selected in the top 7 picks. I think Detroit will select one and when that happens the Falcons will trade into the top 7 to select Javon Kinlaw. Just a prediction!
  3. Cole Kmet, TE, Notre Dame is taken in the first round – I think people are not watching film on this kid. He maybe the best tight end prospect to come out of the draft in a while. I could see a team in the later part of round one drafting him. Maybe a Delanie Walker replacement?
  4. Henry Ruggs III will be the second wide receiver drafted – I think teams value this kid way more than the media does. I have heard some teams have him as their top wide receiver in the 2020 NFL Draft. With that being said I think a team will select him before either Jeudy or Lamb.
  5. Seven cornerbacks are taken in round 1 – Everyone thinks that offensive lineman will fly off the shelves, but I am going against the grain and calling it, that corners are the hot commodity in the 2020 NFL Draft. You can never have enough good cornerbacks.

I will add this in as an extra, the NFL Draft is the most watched TV program the entire week as well. They will break records with the NFL Draft this year. People miss sports, and this will be a good get-away from the coronavirus.


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