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Bengals used up all their facetime calls this week on Joe Burrow

It is starting to look like there will be a new Joe Exotic in the world. While the Netflix Joe Exotic likes Tigers, the Bengals love the new Joe Exotic.

Yep, Joe Burrow it the new Bengal King! The LSU gunslinger has been enjoying his time on facetime calls with NFL teams, but this week one team has already used all their calls.

NFL teams are permitted three one-hour calls with prospects each week and Albert Breer of reports that the Bengals have used all of their allotted time with Burrow.

I’m told the Bengals have maxed out their time with Burrow over the last few weeks, as they work to build a relationship with him. What does that mean? Well, each team is allowed to do three one-hour calls with each prospect per week. So every week, Cincinnati has done, yes, three one-hour calls with Burrow.

If you listened to my podcast with Burrow’s trainer, Jordan Palmer, a few weeks back, you heard him say that the training for Burrow has been focused on getting him ready to play in Week 1. The amount of meetings he’s had with the team that’ll likely draft him can’t hurt in that regard either.

It is starting to sound like Joe Exotic aka the Bengal King will happen soon.


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