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XFL Week 4 Top Performers, Several Vipers tear it up

Vipers QB Taylor Cornelius had a big game today against the DC Defenders. Justin Berendzen broke down the top performers for week 4!


Phillip “PJ” Walker Houston Roughnecks-

Walker was really good again. He had 239 yards and 2 TDs. He also had 17 rush yards. Now he did give up 1 INT but Walker was once again solid.

Taylor Cornelius Tampa Bay Vipers-

Cornelius played awesome in the Vipers first win. He had 211 pass yards and 1 TD. But what was even more impressive was he had 36 rush yards and 1 rush TD. Cornelius is a sneaky runner. He did throw 1 INT though.


Jacques Patrick and De’veon Smith Tampa Bay Vipers-

These 2 guys were awesome. Patrick had 108 rush yards and 1 TD. Smith had 122 rush yards and 11 recieving yards. This tandem can run well and you better watch out cause they will run all over the defense


Nick Holley Houston Roughnecks-

It used to be the Walker to Phillips show but against the Renegades it became the Walker to Holley show. Holley had 97 recieving yards and 1 TD. He was the main target and has the skills to be a good reciever.

Dan Williams Tampa Bay Vipers-

Dan is Mr. Reliable. He had 72 yards. He catches everything thrown towards him. Vipers have a beast at WR. Whoever is the QB which it should be Cornelius should keep going to Dan.

Flynn Nagel Dallas Renegades-

Nagel was good. Now he had some mistakes but was a solid reciever in the Renegades offense on sunday. Nagel had 76 recieving yards. I think Nagel is going towards being that number 2 target after Parham.


Donald Parham Dallas Renegades-

And that brings me to you guessed it mister Donald Parham. Parham once again solid. He had 56 yards and 1 TD. 

This guy should definitely be in the NFL he’s the next big time TE in the making.

DeAndre Goolsby Tampa Bay Vipers-

Goolsby has filled in well for Truesdell. He had 41 yards and a TD. Goolsby was a decent target against the Defenders and however long Truesdell is out Goolsby can be trusted to fill in.


Tampa Bay Vipers Offensive Line-

Nobody sacked Cornelius and the Vipers offensive line was solid. I think they will continue to block well for whoever is at QB which should be Cornelius.


Corey Crawford Houston Roughnecks-

Crawford was a monster again. He had 2 tackles and 1 assist. He was a part of the disruptive defensive line for the Roughnecks which played very well.

Obum Gwacham Tampa Bay Vipers-

Gwacham who just got back from injury was very good. Gwacham had 1 tackle, and 1 sack . And he was really disruptive and blocked a FG attempt by the Vipers. I think Gwacham keeps showing his stuff and makes a difference.


Demarquis Gates, Beniquez Brown and Edmond Robinson Houston Roughnecks-

This three headed monster caused all kinds of problems for the Renegades. Gates had 8 tackles, 4 assists and 1 turnover. Brown had 9 tackles and 2 assists. Robinson had 4 tackles, 2 assists, 1 sack, a forced fumble, and 1 defensive TD. These guys were batting passes too and caused all kinds of havoc.

Reggie Northrup Tampa Bay Vipers-

Northrup did really well. He had 2 tackles and 1 sack. I think Northrup is one the leader of the Tampa Bay Vipers defense and he showed it against the Defenders.


Cody Brown and Deatrick Nichols Houston Roughnecks-

These 2 guys really stepped up for the Roughnecks secondary. Nichols had 3 tackles and 2 INTs. Brown have 4 tackles, 1 assist and 1 INT. These guys have proved that they can step up in the right moment. 

Derron Smith Dallas Renegades-

Derron Smith had 3 tackles, 1 assist and a INT. This guy is the leader of the Renegades secondary and I think he will keep showing people he can do things. Smith is one to watch going forward.

Rahim Moore DC Defenders-

He was the lone bright spot for the Defenders. Moore had 3 tackles, 1 assist and 1 INT. Moore has proven he’s good and got the only turnover that the Vipers gave up. 


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