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XFL QB Rankings heading into week 5

Luis Perez led the Guardians to a much needed win in week 4, where does he rank this week in Justin Berendzen’s XFL Rankings.

1. Phillip “PJ” Walker Houston Roughnecks-

Walker is insanely good. Even his worst games are decent. Walker is NFL ready for sure and that is huge for the XFL. 

2.  Jordan Ta’amu Saint Louis Battlehawks-

Ta’amu has shown he is an effective runner and has the ability to pass very well. Now he needs to be more consistent passing but he’s been a very solid quarterback even with that.

3. Josh Johnson LA Wildcats

Johnson is a solid passer. He had a great game and if the Wildcats played better than they would’ve won. And he has the recievers too.

4. Taylor Cornelius Tampa Bay Vipers-

Cornelius played really good he did have one mistake throwing wise but Cornelius has played solid. He can run a little bit too.

5. Luis Perez New York Guardians-

The Guardians need to stick with Perez. Perez was solid against the Wildcats and if the Guardians keep him as quarterback I think Perez will get even better and make the Guardians a threat.

6. Cardale Jones DC Defenders-

I’m putting Cardale here because he still has the ability. Now he hasn’t shown it for 2 weeks but it’s there and Cardale needs to show up week 5 and find his recievers because he doesn’t have bad recievers either.

7. Phillip Nelson Dallas Renegades-

Well obviously the Renegades have no Landry for at least 2 weeks. But I think that Nelson can find Nagel and Parham and show that he can play QB.

8. Dragons Starter

I really hope it’s BJ Daniels because he has ability. But there’s too much uncertainty for the Dragons at QB. And if they go with Silvers I think that is a huge step back. But also I really don’t know how successful Daniels would be either.


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