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NFL Players who Vape

Of NFL players that have left the game, there are plenty who speak publicly about the benefits of CBDs or cannabidiols as a way to cope with pain.  However, current NFL players are strictly prohibited to use CBDs.  There was one current NFL players that spoke publicly about using marijuana products and was promptly cut from the team.  This article will speak about NFL players that vape.  And of course, this article will talk about CBD usage, not vaping of nicotine like that sold by online vape retailers like

With the NFL being the most violent and bone crunching of the four big sports in the United States, it should be the one that they offer a better way for pain management.  However, the MLB or Major League Baseball has usurped them in allowing players to use marijuana and other associated CBD products, there is a prevailing debate now on how players manage pain.  Piggybacking on the MLB, former Denver Broncos running back Terrell Davis has advocated that the NFL ease their own policies in regards to marijuana use as a way for pain management.  Davis says that “The landscape around all professional sports is sort of leaning that way.”  The way he is talking about is CBD or marijuana use.  Of course Davis has a reason for speaking out.  He is the co-founder of a new sports drink that is infused with cannabidiols or CBD known as DEFY.  He has put his money where his mouth is and convinced that the benefits of CBDs will help with pain.  

The issue here is to give the players choices in how they deal.  In terms of dealing, we are talking managing the pain that they have from all the blocks and hits from other players both in games and in practice.  Over the course of the season, your body takes a huge toll and they should have a choice on how to ease the pain.  When it comes to allergies, there are a lot of different drugs that you can take to counteract the effects.  Zyrtec, Claritin, and Allegra are just a few of the medicines that are touted to fight allergies and decongestion. Of course, when it comes to people, some brands or medicines are better than other when fighting allergies.  NFL players too have league mandated ways to manage pain and they have used those to handle their pain.  However, there are many, especially retired NFL players that have touted CBD use as the best way to manage pain.  

Rob Gronkowski, ex player for the New England Patriots has also gotten into the CBD game by partnering with Abacus Health in 2019 which is a topical medication.  Having a spokesperson like Rob Gronkowski would go a long way in helping the offerings of Abacus Health.  It is well documented that Gronkowski has gone through multiple injuries and retired recently succumbing to the injuries that has plagued him his whole career.  He does not claim that the topical will give you magical healing, but it will give you some relief from your pains.  For the everyday user, it may actually work miracles.


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