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Guess who are the odds favorites to land Jameis Winston?

Jameis Winston the Jaguars? Why would they do that? Does that even make sense?

James Winston led the National Football League last year in passing yards, and this year he is sitting on the streets after over a week of free agency. I am not shocked by this, because Jameis had an issue with throwing interceptions as well. While Jameis is working hard to get signed, FanDuel released the odds for the former Buccaneers quarterback and there were some surprising teams on the list.

Favorites to land Jameis Winston:

  1. Jaguars +220
  2. Dolphins +320
  3. Redskins +420
  4. Saints +500
  5. Broncos +750
  6. Patriots +750
  7. Raiders 10/1
  8. Chargers 15/1
  9. Buccaneers are 25/1

I am shocked we did not see the Steelers on this list, or the Seahawks. Remember this too Deshaun Watson is a free agent at the end of the year and he does not seem too happy either after trading away his best weapon. This will be interesting but Jameis Winston should definitely be on a team to start the year.


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