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2020 NFL Draft Prospect Interview: Koby Quansah, MLB, Duke University

Koby Quansah the speedy MLB from Duke University recently sat down with NFL Draft Diamonds writer Jonathan Joyce

Student-Athlete Profile:

  • Koby Quansah
  • Duke University
  • MLB
  • 6’1”
  • 230 LBS.
  • Hometown: Manchester, CT
  • Twitter: @AmbitiousQ15

2019 Accolades & Statistics:
  • 2019 All-ACC Football Third-Team.
  • 2020 NFLPA Collegiate Bowl Invitee.
  • GP: 12
  • Total Tackles: 105
  • TFL: 12.0
  • Sacks: 2.5
  • PBU: 3
  • QBH: 7
  • FR: 2
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Congratulations on the ACC All-Conference honors. What was your first emotion when you received the news? Who is the first person you called to share it with?

My first emotion was the joy that my hard work during the season was being recognized. I think I discussed it with a couple of other teammates in terms of where they thought other players should rank regarding 1st, 2nd, or 3rd team.

Give me the scoop on the Duke vs UNC rivalry. We all know about the intensity on the basketball court. Are the emotions the same for the football rivalry?

I think the emotions are more intensified on the football rivalry, mainly because we actually deal with physically going at each other. I think the rivalry between basketball just gets more hype, but I believe it’s more intense on the field.

via kobyquansah24 (YouTube)

What have you taken away the most from the Coach Cutcliffe, Coach Goethie and the rest of the Duke coaching staff?

The one thing I can say I’ve taken away the most from the entire coaching staff is attention to detail. You do the little things right and it will lead to big things happening and you won’t be surprised by it.

Tell me about your experience on the mission trip to Guatemala with 10 other teammates in May 2018. What was the experience like and is it something you will always remember doing?

It’s definitely something that I will always remember doing for sure. The trip really made you look at your life and think of all the time where you thought you didn’t have much then you look at the people in Antigua and you feel grateful for what you have because their circumstances are a lot worse and they don’t complain about it at all, they smile and go about their days. Getting to build smokeless stoves from natural resources and setting the foundation for a house down there was hard work but all worth it getting to see their smile get even bigger during the whole process and in the end just seeing how appreciative they were.

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When football is over, what do you aspire to do in the professional world?

I aspire to be a cognitive/developmental psychologist working with little kids either in my hometown or home country helping resolve mental issues while they’re young before they become more problematic when they get older.

What separates you from other players at your position?

My ability to play fast, diagnose offensive tendencies and be a physical tackler separates me from other players in my position.

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Who is the toughest player you’ve competed against during your collegiate career?

I would have to say Cade Carney from Wake Forest. He’s a tough and hard nose running back, I love going at him whenever we play.

Is there a current or former NFL player you emulate your game after?

Luke Kuechly for sure.

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Let’s take a trip back to the first day of your freshman year at Kingswood Oxford High School. What advice would you give yourself then, knowing what you know now?

I would tell younger me to just have fun with whatever you do. Don’t stress things because it’ll all work out.

If I’m in Durham on a Saturday night during the Fall, where is the one place I have to eat at?

Definitely have to go to Shrimp and Pasta’s Dankery, especially after a late night! My guy Ian will get you right every time.

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You’re in front of all 32 NFL General Managers and have 15 words or less to give them your pitch on why Koby Quansah will be an asset to their organization for years to come. What do you tell them?

Koby will make this team better in all aspects, you need to have him and that’s all.

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