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NFL Draft Diamonds Week 3 Picks, Predictions, and Fantasy Sleepers

NFL Draft Diamonds presents our Picks, Predictions and Fantasy Sleepers

Every year we have made our picks and predictions for the upcoming NFL season. While we may not always hit the picks, we do like having some fun. So let’s review how well we did last week? We finished with 21-10-1. We are off to a smoking hot start. Let’s see if we can keep it going.


  • Titans v. Jaguars
  • Bengals v. Bills
  • Dolphins v. Cowboys
  • Broncos v. Packers
  • Falcons v. Colts
  • Ravens v. Chiefs
  • Raiders v. Vikings
  • Jets v. Patriots
  • Lions v. Eagles
  • Panthers v. Cardinals
  • Giants v. Buccaneers
  • Texans v. Chargers
  • Steelers v. 49ers
  • Saints v. Seahawks
  • Rams v. Browns
  • Bears v. Redskins


  1. Corey Davis goes off against the Jaguars defense, and Jalen Ramsey. Ramsey hurts his stock by playing in tonight’s game, and even ends up banged up. The former Florida State player tries to make a play against Davis and jams a finger. The Jaguars end up trading him to the Chiefs for a first and third, after Davis goes ham for 125 yards and 2 touchdowns.
  2. Kyler Murray and the Cardinals get a win. Murray throws for 300 again, and the Cardinals beat up on the Carolina and the Cam-Less Panthers. Murray looks the part and is making a name for himself in the NFL.
  3. Chiefs come out slow and Lamar Jackson looks like a hero throwing for 200 in the first half, but the Ravens defense gets sloppy near the end of the game and Patrick Mahomes comes through. Both QB’s throw for over 300 yards.

Fantasy Sleepers

  1. Devante Parker goes off this week for 100 yards against the Cowboys defense. Parker and Rosen start off hot and look good, but they cannot stop Dak and the Cowboys.
  2. Dalvin Cook goes off again, this time for 200 against the Raiders. Cook breaks a huge run early and hits another long run in the third quarter to help his Vikings get past the Raiders.
  3. Tom Brady and the Patriots put up a 40 burger on the Jets. Brady throws for 300 yards but the Patriots defense scores three different times. A punt return, a sack/strip for a TD, and an interception for a TD. Patriots dog the Jets.


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