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Are players ruining the game by demanding trades when they get in their feelings?

Are players ruining the game by demanding trades every time they are not happy?

I wanted to know what you all think because I have mixed feelings on how the NFL players are taking advantage of teams and their owners.  Lately you have players demanding trades constantly.  Look at Antonio Brown’s case, this is something else when you look at it.

Ten years ago, the players were not in control of the team. You had players taking more of a sacrifice to get players around them to win.  Quarterbacks were taking pay cuts to add weapons around them, knowing it was not about the money but the wins.  I have to give Tom Brady quite a bit of credit for this because he actually pays for way less to ensure he can add weapons like Antonio Brown, but I am not here to talk about the Tom Brady’s but rather the Antonio Brown’s.

Last year the Pittsburgh Steelers had a huge problem in Le’Veon Bell who wanted to be the highest paid player in the NFL and sat out instead of playing and getting quite a bit of money.  After sitting out he found himself leaving Pittsburgh for New York and getting a nice pay day, but it was not as nice as it should have been if he would have played the year before.

Look at Antonio Brown’s situation, he says he does not want to be on the Steelers so they trade him to the Raiders. The Raiders give up a couple picks, but Brown knew he wanted to go to a contender so he starts acting like a jerk and he is released for it. He ends up on the Patriots less than 5 hours after getting released.  I mean this is pretty sad, but it almost sounds like they planned it in the beginning. 

Minkah Fitzpatrick does not like that fact that he is on a losing team and playing multiple positions so he asks for a trade and is traded.  This continues to happen and it seems like good teams are getting better.  This time the Steelers land a solid cornerback, a position they struggle with drafting so this is a huge pick up for the Steelers, but after Big Ben went down that first round pick they traded gained value.

Melvin Gordon is currently holding out right now, and he is pulling the Le’Veon Bell. He wants to be paid more, and all he is doing is hurting his team. What has he really done that deserves a huge contract?  I know he had one good year, but really is Melvin Gordon a top 5 back?  I am not sure if he is, yet he wants to be the highest paid.

Let’s move on and look at Jalen Ramsey now. He feels he was disrespected and asked his agent to request a trade. He will likely either get his wish or a monster pay raise.  With that being said, what is the NFL creating?  They are allowing players to act like a baby to get their way?  Because they have a little adversity they want to run from it.  You see it all the time, I disagree with these requests, and I feel they need to add something into all contracts moving forward.  This takes the feelings out of the game. You want the huge check? Well if so you play and earn it, if not and you hold out you pay us back the entire contract. I bet they smile every week.  Something has to be done because this is getting out of hand.

What do you think? I want to know what you think.

Damond Talbot

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