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Eight players to watch tonight in the Falcons vs. Broncos Hall of Fame Game

The Broncos and Falcons will play one another tonight and I wanted to focus on eight players I feel will have a good game tonight!

The NFL is here, the Atlanta Falcons will take on the Denver Broncos in the Hall of Fame Game to kick off the 2019 NFL season. I wanted to talk about a few players who we feel will have a big game tonight. Here are the players to keep an eye on for each team.

Ito Smith – RB – Atlanta Falcons – The Falcons moved on from Tevin Coleman because they love what they have in Ito Smith. Ito Smith reminds me of a mini Shady McCoy, the guy is a beast and one of the most explosive runners in the NFL. Tonight you will see why they let Tevin Coleman walk.

Kelvin McKnight – WR – Denver Broncos – The former Samford wide receiver is one of the best small school players that came out last year. He should have been drafted, and I feel he will dominate the weak Falcons secondary tonight. Remember number 16 on both teams they are both going to make a difference.

Justin Zimmer – DT – Atlanta Falcons – The former small school defensive lineman will be a menace the entire game. I love this kid and the former Ferris State defensive tackle is a monster. The kid benches a mountain and I feel he will have a huge game against the second/third-team offensive line.

Zach Kerr, DT, Denver Broncos – The former Delaware Blue Hen is a huge man and now a veteran in the NFL. I love Kerr’s game and feel he will be a hoss for the interior lineman of the Falcons. Kerr will have a solid game, remember his name.

Shawn Bane – WR – Atlanta Falcons – We know everyone will be looking for a wideout to step up. After Julio, Mo Sanu and Ridley come out the game the Falcons will rely on Hardy and the others to dominate. I think Bane the former small schooler from NWSU will be a stud tonight. His route running is crisp and the kid is talented. You will all see number 16 tonight.

De’Vante Bausby – CB – Denver Broncos – A former AAF defensive back is going to ball out tonight. I have a feeling he has a pick. I know you are probably reading this and saying he mentioned all small schoolers, but I feel this kid is going to ball out. He has always been a stud, but he is starting to realize he is a stud. The AAF interception leader will have himself a night tonight!

John Cominsky – DE/LB – Atlanta Falcons – I am staying with a small schooler because this kid will be a dog off the edge tonight. I am guessing he finishes with at least a sack tonight. Cominsky the former Charleston pass rusher is going to be a very solid addition to the Falcons and tonight you will see why he was a force at the D2 level.

Ahmad Gooden – LB – Denver Broncos – Yes, another small schooler. Gooden too is a Samford grad like WR Kelvin McKnight. I think he will shine at the linebacker position tonight. Gooden was a player who always seems to be around the ball, and I feel when given a shot he will have a good night.


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