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NFL Transactions for April 6th, 2019

Atlanta Falcons

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Falcons hosted 56 players to their local day.

  • Fullback Victor Alexander (Georgia Tech)
  • Kicker Cole Antley (Ouachita)
  • Long snapper Zachary Roberts (Georgia Tech)
  • Long snapper Nick Moore (Georgia)
  • Guard Jamal Paxton (Georgia State)
  • Guard Lamont Gaillard (Georgia)
  • Guard Kendall Baker (Georgia)
  • Guard Terronne Prescod (N.C. State)
  • Guard Jeremiah Culbreth (Georgia Southern)
  • Guard Tyler Jones (N.C. State)
  • Guard Andrew Marshall (Georgia Tech)
  • Guard Christian Harris (Duke)
  • Guard D.J. Coker (Rhodes) 
  • Tackle Donnell Greene (Minnesota)
  • Tackle Mitch Hyatt (Clemson) 
  • Punter A.J. Cole III (N.C. State)
  • Punter Ian Berryman (Western Carolina)
  • Quarterback A.J. Bush (Illinois)
  • Quarterback Price Wilson (Bryant)
  • Running back Clinton Lynch (Georgia Tech)
  • Running back Keion Davis (Marshall)
  • Running back D.J. Knox (Purdue) 
  • Cornerback Blace Brown (Troy)
  • Cornerback Mandell Ray (Morehouse)
  • Cornerback Jamal Odom (Tuskegee)
  • Cornerback Ken Webster (Mississippi)
  • Cornerback Dylan Hamilton (Alabama A&M)
  • Cornerback Deandre Baker (Georgia)
  • Cornerback Jerome Smith (Georgia State) 
  • Defensive end Andrew Williams (Auburn)
  • Defensive end Desmond Branch (Georgia Tech)
  • Defensive tackle Chris Palmer (California)
  • Defensive tackle Henry Famurewa (Louisville)
  • Defensive tackle Connor Christian (Jacksonville State)
  • Defensive tackle Malik Young (Fort Hays)
  • Free safety Davanta Reynolds (N.C. Central)
  • Free safety Travon Simmons (West Georgia)
  • Free safety Micah Abernathy (Tennessee)
  • Linebacker Jeffrey Allison (Fresno State)
  • Linebacker Ryan Guthrie (Syracuse)
  • Linebacker Natrez Patrick (Georgia)
  • Linebacker Montravious Atkinson (Auburn)
  • Linebacker Chase Middleton (Georgia State)
  • Linebacker Quart’E Sapp (Tennessee)
  • Linebacker Pat Jasinski (Central Florida)
  • LEO Deshon Cooper (Georgia Southern)
  • Nose tackle Horace Roberts (Samford)
  • Nose tackle Kyle CergeHenderson (Georgia Tech)
  • Strongside linebacker Anree Saint-Amour(Georgia Tech)
  • Strongside linebacker Bryson All-Williams (South Carolina)
  • Strongside linebacker Michael Shaw (Georgia State) 
  • Strong safety Kielan Whitner (Syracuse)
  • Strong safety Cameron Glenn (Wake Forest)
  • Strong safety Jalen Johnson (Georgia Tech) 
  • Strong safety Tre Neal (Georgia Tech)
  • Strong safety Ridwan Issahaku (Texas Christian)

Cincinnati Bengals

  • Bengals released RB Mark Walton


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