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NFL Draft Diamonds Prospect Interview: Prince Shonola, WR, Rocky Mountain College

Q: What’s your name

A: Prince Shonola

Q: Where did you attend college at

A: I’m a Juco transfer from Fullerton College, Then I attended my 4 year at Rocky Mountain College in Billings Montana

Q: Whats your height and weight

A: 5’8 and 167

Q: What are the position do you play

A: Wide receiver, kick return and punt returner

Q: Who is your role model

A: My role models are those who have inspired me to give back, to help others, and to make a change in our communities. For me, that is what I consider a role model, not just what we do on the field but seeing what drives us off of the field.

Q: Who do you mold your game after

A: Jerry Rice, because of his hand strength, route running, and Antonio Brown because of his ability to create distance from defenders, his toughness and his speed in and out of his routes

Q: Who was the hardest player you lined up against

A: Tim Roberts from Buffalo, Marnez Olgetree from Kansas University, Paris Wilcox from Tennessee State University, Deangelo Ross from New Mexico, Kendall Jefferson from Rocky Mountain College.

Q: What was your best memory during college

A: Being able to share my knowledge with the children at the kid camps, seeing those kids have fun reminded me that football is fun. I’ve always tried to keep that mind set throughout the hard hard knowing that football is a business, having fun is important to me because that’s also where the love comes from

Q: What adversity did you face and what did you do to face it

A: I’ve been fighting adversity my entire life. From being homeless for many years without my family, and just seeing the pure struggles of my family has helped me see the value in adversity. I faced these adversities knowing that the only thing I must do is to control what I can control within the situations. And that having faith that things will pan out and to never give up on my dreams.

Q: Who was the best teammate you had in college.

A: I’ve played with so many great players, Ex Coaches, and have found a true real brotherhood with all of them that to name one teammate would be unfair.

Q: What do you like to do for fun outside of football

A: Olympic Track Runner or Mix Martial Arts.

Q: Track runner, That leads me to ask.. Just how fast are you

A: Honestly not sure, I have never ran track before or trained with a trainer who focuses specifically on the 40. However, I have been clocked in the fastest 40 yard time for my school, And have set an All time school record with a 4.33

Me: That’s pretty dang fast man

Prince: I know I can break my own record. I know that I could reach 4.2’s with an experienced trainer.

Q: Are you a leader and take charge kind of person/player. Or a follower of shorts.

A: I’m a little bit of both, I love to lead by example and to take charge but also, I tend to fall toward the back to see how the less confident guys are doing, And lifting them up. Cause you’re only as strong as your weakest link on your team.

Q: What are your dreams, on and off the football field.

A: My dreams are to make it to the NFL/CFL. And to become the better me and play with some of the greats like Tom Brady, Antonio Brown, Cam Newton, And to also to break a few records and be the best person I can be while doing what I love. Off of the field, I hope to eventually use that platform to help me start up a business and go into partnerships. One of my main goals is to own something to pass down to my daughter/children.

This interview was conducted by Cody Ladue! Follow him on Twitter!

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