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Former assistant coach says he would vouch for Colin Kaepernick as a player

Colin Kaepernick could be on the way out after all
Should Colin Kaepernick get another shot

Colin Kaepernick is not on a football team right now, but tons of people are coming forth and stepping up for him.  The latest person to step up for Kaepernick is Eric Mangini his former assistant coach for the 49ers.

“I haven’t personally talked to anybody about it, but what I will say about Colin is I had a really good experience with Colin,” Mangini said this morning on PFT Live. “I wasn’t there over the last season where the protest and the different off the field issues became more of a focal point. But as a player, his numbers last season weren’t that far off from the year he brought the team to the NFC Championship Game. And he should get an opportunity. I think he’s got to get an opportunity.”

“I think as the market settles and people start looking at these young quarterbacks they brought in and start evaluating the quarterback situation, they might realize it may not look as good as they hoped it would be,” Mangini said. “I always thought he would be a good fit for the Browns. Hue [Jackson’s] system is multiple shifts and motions, and that’s what he did in San Francisco. Hue has an element of quarterback-driven runs, I think Colin is excellent as that. As a candidate, him vs. RGIII a year ago, I’d take Colin 10 times out of 10.”


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