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#Dolphins first rounder Laremy Tunsil has Ole Miss in some hot water; OUCH

Laremy Tunsil should be the first player taken in the 2016 NFL Draft
Laremy Tunsil was greedy at Ole Miss and now it is coming back to bite him

Remember draft night?  Do you remember the problems with Laremy Tunsil?  Well now it looks like Tunsil has Ole Miss in a bad spot. According to an NCAA report, Ole Miss has 28 allegations, 13 of which are related to the Rebels’ football program, most of which people thought occurred before Hugh Freeze took over the program in 2009.

“The NCAA has alleged, and we agree, that serious violations have occurred,” the school wrote in an open letter signed by athletics director Ross Bjork and chancellor Jeffrey Vitter.

According to the Comeback, the violations date back to Tunsil’s official visit to campus in 2013, where Chris Kiffin, Ole Miss recruiting director and brother of college football favorite Lane Kiffin, dished out more than $1,000 in lodging and food to Tunsil and his traveling companions.

In August 2014, the beginning of Tunsil’s sophomore season, Tunsil’s father allegedly accepted $800 from a booster. At the same time, Tunsil brought his car to an Oxford dealership (one that apparently has Ole Miss connections). The dealer took Tunsil’s 2002 Chevy Impala and lent him a 2012 Nissan Titan. Tunsil eventually used four different cars lent to him from the dealership. He also allegedly bought a Dodge Challenger from the dealership but never even paid the $3,000 down payment.

Since the release of the report, Ole Miss claims that it took “corrective action” following Tunsil’s acquisition of the Nissan Titan. However, Tunsil managed to get the other three loaners following the school’s action. Funny how that works.


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