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Expect the Buffalo Bills to beat the New England Patriots this week

billsThe New England Patriots own the Buffalo Bills over the past 28 meetings (25-3), but this is a new Buffalo team.  The Buffalo Bills young team is coming together and they are believing in one another. Last week, the team pulled off a huge comeback win over the Detroit Lions, which had Dan Carpenter nailing a 58 yard field goal with seconds remaining in the fourth quarter.  The team never once gave up hope, they came out from halftime and looked like a different team.  The Bills will be hosting the New England Patriots who have been very up and down this season.

The Patriots have not looked like the dominate football team they have in the past.  The team always struggles with the Bills early in the season, but somehow pull out the victory.  This year is different.  The Buffalo Bills have many great storylines going into this game.

First off, the Buffalo Bills were finally bought by Terry Pegula, a Western New York native that has promised to keep the team in the city of Buffalo.  This will be his first game as the Bills owner.  The game is sold out, and those fans hate the New England Patriots, so I expect it to be very, very loud in Orchard Park.

Another major story line is the Patriots will face Brandon Spikes and Pepper Johnson who they let go last year.  The Patriots did not give either one of them a chance to re-sign. They basically closed the door on both of them.  Spikes has had some choice words for the Patriots, who claims that Bill Belichick benched him for no reason last year.  Spikes has been a beast in Buffalo, leading the Bills front seven to a league leading 17 sacks after 5 weeks. This week Pepper Johnson and Spikes will be bringing the heat against Brady and the offensive line, who have struggled badly. Spikes wants to win bad.

“It’s icing on my cake to hand the #Patriots two big L’s this year” Spikes tweeted to his followers, and just like that, he went from being an arch-villain to a fan favorite in Buffalo.

“I mean, what do you expect me to say?” Spikes said the other day. “You know, I’m on a new team, and they’re a big team in this division. You’ve got to get after them if you want to get to the playoffs, so this is big for us.”

I would expect the Patriots to use many quick drop passes because the Bills will be trying to hit Brady early and often. If the Bills fan base can get loud and the Bills defensive front seven can cause havoc against the Patriots, which I suspect, the Bills will pull off the victory. It will be a close one, but I see the Bills winning 21-20 in Pegula’s first game as the new owner.

The Bills will start the Pegula era right, and the Bills fan base will erupt as the team continues to stay on top of the AFC East division.


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