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Is there tension between Chip Kelly and LeSean McCoy?

shadyLately, it seems that many media  outlets in Philly have been assuming that LeSean McCoy and Chip Kelly have a feud of some sorts. Well yesterday when Shady was confronted by the media he wanted to clear up a rumor that was going on.  He wanted everyone to know that there is no tension between himself in the coach. 

“Everybody thinks for some reason there’s tension between us. There’s no tension,” McCoy said about Kelly. “We actually had a conversation about it, like joking about it. I’ve never had a straight issue with him. I had to get used to certain things, obviously. Small things. Yeah, that’s true.

“But it was never a problem, where maybe in some cases the star player and the new coach can have friction. But that was never the case. I’m not that type of player. I know that he’s the captain.”

You can tell this year will be Shady’s and if he continues to rumble week one like he has in the past, expect a huge game. Since entering the NFL, Shady has a higher yards per carry than any running back in the NFL week 1. Expect big things. 



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