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Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith was classy “torching” his old team

Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith burned his former team with seven catches for 139 yards and two touchdowns, leading the Baltimore Ravens to a 38-10 victory Sunday, but remained classy while doing so.

Smith spent 13 seasons with Carolina before he was released during the offseason in a cost-cutting move. Proving he’s still got a knack for making the big play,

Smith scored twice in the second quarter to help put Baltimore (3-1) in front 21-7 at halftime. And he didn’t get in the face of the defender on either occasion.

“I didn’t have anything good, bad or indifferent to say. I just played. At the end of the day, honestly they didn’t deserve anything I had to say that would be derogatory — and I didn’t need to,” Smith said. “They didn’t even deserve me to spin the ball on them. I just caught it and put it down and went about my business.”

Steve Smith will always have that “It” factor, and I love that fire about him. He remained classy to a city where he was once the face of the city. Smith was a class act and even wished Kelvin Benjamin the best of luck. The Panthers moved on to save money and get younger at the position, but the 35 showed he still has it.

Not to mention it was Steve Smith’s 46th career 100-yard game.


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