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Raiders takes a jab at the 49ers for the way they are handling the Ray McDonald case

mark davisRaiders owner Mark Davis, speaking to the San Jose Mercury-News, has an interesting compromise: suspensions with pay for anyone “accused or arrested” for domestic violence.

In my mind, if somebody’s accused or arrested in a domestic-violence case, they should be suspended with pay,” Davis said. “I want to make sure it fits the legalities and with what the union wants, but I just think that’s the only thing that makes sense for us now.”

This could be a smart move, because if a player is not paid then he cannot come back and sue for false accusations.  Well, it sounds good but is the Raiders owner hinting at the Niners benching Ray McDonald? 

“I see what the 49ers and Jed [York] are going through and what they’re saying, ‘Innocent until proven guilty’ and that’s the American way,” Davis said. “But I think we have to get this right, and suspension with pay in those cases [while the investigation moves forward] is the only thing that makes sense to me right now.”


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