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Is Patriots QB Tom Brady losing it?

Over the past decade Tom Brady has been one of the most efficient passers in the NFL. He’s led the Patriots to numerous Super Bowl’s and many playoff appearances. But is he losing it?

This week the New England Patriots had a lead over the Miami Dolphins and while I know it is only one game he allowed the Dolphins to slaughter him in the second half.

The Patriots fans are not used to losing. We all know what Bradys capable of doing but he could not lead a come back.

This is because he had one of the worst days of his career.

@sportsfeedia: Tom Brady was 2-for-18 on throws 15 yards down the field, which is the worst in the history of ESPN Stats & Info (started in 2002).

While I believe there’s no way that the Patriots and Tom Brady will lose two straight games, if it happens what will the fan base do?

If Brady loses this week to the Minnesota Vikings would you begin to question your veteran All-Pro quarterback?


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