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Raiders should cut Matt Schaub and roll with Carr and McGloin

IMG_3333.PNGI know, you are probably thinking I am a crazy man, because I said that Matt Schaub was going to be a good quarterback this year in Oakland. Well I am willing to eat crow on that decision. He has looked bad, and his back-ups look amazing. 

Last night Derek Carr tore it up, throwing for 3 touchdowns.  Then Matt McGloin came in and did not skip a beat.  If you remember correctly McGloin led the amazing fourth quarter comeback a couple weeks ago. 

While I was so wrapped up in the Matt Schaub love, I feel I made a mistake.  I think the Raiders can call it a loss and release him.  How can you not look at Derek Carr and say you are the starter? Coming out of Fresno State he was a gun slinger that could get it done.  He is doing the same thing right now. I am not saying throw him in the fire, but let’s face it, how much worse can he be than Schaub?

Schaub  has let his poor play in the past nail his confidence.  He has lost that “IT” factor and it must have jumped to their rookie and back-up.  I feel the Raiders will be fine with Derek Carr and Matt McGloin, Good Bye Schaub.  

Do it Reggie, Make the MOVE….


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