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Did you know: The first player to ever score a two point conversion was a PUNTER

In 1994, the Cleveland Browns became the first team in the NFL to score a two point conversion.  They did it with a trick play to Tom Tupa, their punter/holder. 

Tupa scored the first two-point conversion in NFL history, running in a faked extra point attempt for the Browns in a game against the Cincinnati Bengals in the first week of the 1994 season. He scored a total of three such conversions that season, earning him the nickname “Two Point Tupa.”

The two-point conversion, which was used by the American Football League from 1960-69, was not adopted by the NFL until 1994. The first successful NFL two-pointer was made by Cleveland Browns punter/placekick holder Tom Tupa against Cincinnati Bengals in the season opener.

I did not know that statistic, and I remember Tom Tupa. Did you know that fact? 


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