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GET TO KNOW – Chris Vasquez, P, University of Virginia Lynchburg

vasquezNFL Draft Diamonds has teamed up with Joseph Muia a very solid up and coming scout, to put together a series for our readers called Get to Know. What this series will do is allow you to be a featured on our site, whether you are a freshman or a senior in college.  This is a series to help get players at any school gain exposure.  We always strive to assist players that have the passion to make it to the next level.  So we hope you enjoy our series called GET TO KNOW. Today’s Get to know series will focus on Chris Vasquez the big foot specialist from Virginia Lynchburg, and we feel at NFL Draft Diamonds, you will want to know all about him.

AKA: Notcho/Chris

Grade You Started Football: 6th grade

High School: Norco high school

Position/Positions: kicker/punter

College: Virginia University of Lynchburg

Position/Positions: kicker/punter

Jersey Number: 8

Best On-Field Performance: I perform best under pressure

Football Mentor/Inspiration: Grandpa Chuy and Grandma Olivia Vasquez (ama)

Favorite Slogan: “No grind No shine”

Proudest Football Moment/Memory: Kicking a 40 yard field for the first points of the season/ making a tackle on a punt return and made the returner fumble and I recover the ball.

Favorite Song/Singer: Future- you deserve it

Favorite Food: Sushi/BBQ ribs

Football Philosophy: If a team is to reach its potential, each player must be willing to subordinate his personal goals to the good of the team. “Unity”

Goals/Aspirations for 2014-2015: Continue my outstanding kicking and punting performance on the field and help my team win games.

Career Goals: Finish my degree and graduate with my bachelor degree in business administration. Also, be part of the NFL.

Favorite Football Team: Pittsburgh Steelers

Player You Model Your Game After: Ray Guy (greatest punter to ever play in the NFL)

Who Will Win the Super Bowl: Pittsburgh Steelers or Seattle Seahawks

Favorite down Time: Going to the gym and helping young kickers and punters

What Would You Want College Football Fans To Know About You: Football is my passion!  If you love something and believe in it, you will achieve it. I am all about respect, you get what you give. Always be open minded about most things in life because if you don’t take a chance you will never know what could have been of it. I love to inspire others whether it be regarding football or in life. Being a leader is important to me while on the field. I like to motivate my teammates. Everything I do, I always give my 100%.

Make sure you follow Joey on Twitter @Joey435686 and if you want to be considered for our Get To Know series, contact us and lets get you a little more exposure. 


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