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Bears RB Matt Forte is the most underrated running back in the NFL

Matt Forte is the most underrated running back in the NFL.  I am sick of him being pushed around and not getting enough credit.  The kid is a man among boys on the field.  Last year Matt Forte finished second in the NFL in rushing yards behind only LeSean McCoy.  Forte was not too far behind though, he finished the season running for 1,339 yards averaging 4.6 yards a carry and scoring 9 touchdowns.  Forte also reeled in 594 receiving yards on 94 targets, scoring an additional 3 touchdowns.  That is pretty impressive numbers, but McCoy is getting recognition as the best back in the league?  McCoy is a top 10 player on the NFL Network’s top 100 list, but Matt Forte is number 91? 

LeSean McCoy finished the year with 1,607 yards averaging 5.1 yards a carry and scoring 9 rushing touchdowns. McCoy had similar numbers to Forte in the receiving game, gaining 539 yards through the air scoring 2 touchdowns. 

I am sorry, but why is Matt Forte viewed as the 91st best player in the NFL?  

Forte in 7 years has rushed for 6,666 yards and scored 35 touchdowns, which is over 5,000 more yards and 24 more touchdowns than the number 90 player on the list in Eddie Lacy, who was a rookie last year.  DeMarco Murray came in at number 87, but has only 2,681 yards in his career.  If you keep going down the list, Reggie Bush is at 85 who has played 9 years in the NFL and has only amassed 5,168 career yards.  Frank Gore is ranked number 46, and he is just 30 odd yards from 10k, which is deserving in my opinion.  Marshawn Lynch is the last person on the list not in the top 10 and he has a combined 7,389 yards since 2007.  

If you take the guys who are likely to be in the top 10, Adrian Peterson, LeSean McCoy, and Jamaal Charles, it is hard not to see how Matt Forte is not considered to be in that same group?  

Jamaal Charles has less yards and touchdowns than Matt Forte, and is considered a top 10 back?  I am sorry, but if I was Matt Forte I would be pissed.  He is a huge underdog, and needs to be given more props.  


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