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Draft Diamonds Prospect Interview: Taiyon Jackson, FS, Midwestern State

TaiyonDraft Diamonds Prospect Interview: Taiyon Jackson, FS, Midwestern State 

How many teams were recruiting you out of high school?

1 team. Menlo College NAIA, so I decided to go to junior college.

Where did you choose and why?

I chose Midwestern State. The only division 2 school to offer me a scholarship. Classes I had taken were not transferable to Division 1 credits.

What were your goals for your senior year?

Be an All American, but I finished being recognized as an all conference player.

Have any scouts met with you, and if so what are they saying?

My Senior season I talked to multiple scouts. They all told me the same thing. “Keep working hard, stay consistent, and you should get a chance for someone’s team.” Houston Texans scouts had me fill out a draft day contact information sheet.

At your position, what separates you from the others?

I’m a hard worker, I try to stay as consistent as possible. I will not let the opponent out work me. What separates me from the others is my play making ability.

Tell us what you look for when breaking down film? 

Hand signals from the quarterback to WR, the Wr’s body language, How the receiver comes off the ball. That tells a lot whether he Is running a route or blocking. If the WR is taking a hard inside release or is he coming straight ahead. head fakes, stutter steps. There is really a lot when breaking down film. 3 step or 5 step drop by the QB.

Who was the toughest player you have ever faced?

Taylor Gabriel or Alonzo Agwuenu

If you could compare your play to one person in the NFL who would it be?

Troy Polamalu

What was the biggest obstacle in your life you had to overcome, and how did you overcome it?

Having To go D2 was real big for me. All my life I wanted to be a division 1 athlete but I let myself down. Division 2 is not bad at all, but I overcame that by just being grateful, I was giveb the opportunity to just go to school for free and do what I love, I had to realize I was still blessed.

What system fits your style of play the best?

A 3-4 defense with a 2 high safety look. Like the Pittsburgh Steelers.

What is your biggest strength?

I am a good open field tackler but you can always improve tackling.

What is your biggest weakness?

Press Man, I prefer to play off man, but I can get better and improve in that as well.

If I were a GM and gave you a second to sell yourself, what would you say?

I’m dedicated to the game. This is my life, I don’t know anything else. I am here to get better everyday not only as a Football Player but as a person and I’m here to WIN.

Growing up, who was your role model?

My mom…… Football: Troy Polamalu

Who was your favorite team and player in the NFL and why?

Pittsburgh Steelers, and Troy Polamalu. The plays he makes sometimes are crazy. He is a down hill safety and is fearless. That is what I am aiming for.

What was the most tragic event that ever happened in your life and how did you overcome it?

Losing My step dad. I just had to Grow up and get over it. It’s life.

If you were to have dinner with three people dead or alive who would it be?

Obama, Deion Sanders, Martin Luther king. 3 true role models

With your first paycheck what would you buy?

Put my mom in a car and a house!

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