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Dennis Allen says Matt McGloin gives the team the best chance to win, Poor Terrelle

Dennis Allen said he would like to see an Terrelle Pryor again some time this season, but Matt McGloin gives the Raiders the best chance to win. In an interview here is what Allen said:

“Obviously, you go into a game and you have a game plan,” Allen said this week. “You have some things that you have designed to do within the game and then, really, the game dictates a lot of times what you end up doing.

“We’d like to see Terrelle at some point again and give him another opportunity and continue to evaluate him. The biggest thing is, we want to utilize the guys and do the things we feel like gives us the best chance to have success offensively, defensively, in the kicking game. If we feel like he gives us an advantage, then we’ll try to use him.”

I think every week the team does not play Pryor they are letting his faith drop. I want him in the game, because he is a dual threat. McGloin is great but he will not get you to the big game.


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