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Bears yank Jay Cutler in the 4th quarter for back up Josh McCown

Jay Cutler looked horrible tonight against a very average defense in the Philadelphia Eagles.  It was so bad that after Cutler threw a pick six in the fourth quarter and the team was down 47-11 the team went to their back up Josh McCown.  McCown has been a very solid player this year, and has really been able to get the team to rally around him.  With Cutler playing as horrible as he has tonight, I would not be surprised to see if the Bears start McCown next week.

Trestman is a very solid coach, but Jay Cutler has really struggled at getting the team going early.  He usually does a good job at rallying the team but his time in Chicago is running out.

Unless Cutler is willing to take a major pay cut, expect him to be about as good as gone next season.  A team like Cleveland could really use his veteran presence.


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