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Adrian Peterson breaks 10,000 career rushing yards in 101 games

Adrian Peterson is the third-fastest running back in NFL history to rack up 10,000 yards. On Sunday, in just his 101st career game Peterson was able to break the mark. Only Jim Brown and Eric Dickerson reached the plateau sooner. And when Peterson was asked what he would have said if someone had told him at age 16 what he’d do, he said his reply would have been, “You’re right.

“I would have believed it,” he said. “This has been my mindset since I was young, to be the best to ever play. You have got to believe it in order to accomplish it. So if you had told me that, I would have been like, ‘Hmm, he is thinking what I’m thinking.”

When he was asked if he was tired his response was classic.

“I condition real hard, and actually, I get stronger as I go,” Peterson said. “I could have went for 50, maybe 55 carries.”


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