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Week 10 Adds: Running to Greatness!!

By Frank Cooper

Rashad Jennings – Raiders
Yep, he’s back…..again. Are you really surprised though? Mcfadden’s hamstrings are ticking time bomb. The injury that sidelined Darren McFadden earlier in the year reared its ugly head Sunday against the Eagles. The biggest problem is that it was to the same hamstring, which could cause McFadden to not only miss Week 10, but possibly multiple games. Jennings was a top pickup a few weeks ago, but I am sure many owners dropped him once DMC came back (shame on you!). Those who kept him, congrats because it looks like you’ll need him. With McFadden sidelined, Jennings went off with 176 total yards, 7 catches and a rushing score. If DMC can’t make it against the Giants, which looks plausible, Jennings could be in store for a moderately successful game in Week 10.

Mike James – Buccaneers
King James ran 28 times for 158 yards, while also adding a passing touchdown on a trick play to Tom Crabtree (Glennon’s job could be in jeopardy!). The Bucs were up big, which allowed James to continue to be fed the ball in order to keep the lead. His quick feet, physical running style and a knack of finishing off runs is making him look like a legit feature back. James had vastly improved from a disappointing Week 8, making him a flex option going forward. Just keep in mind his role in the offense is predicated to how many points the entire offense can put on the board. The Bucs might wind up having to give up on the run earlier than expected.
Andre Brown – Giants

I’ve been biding my time in regards to listing Brown on the pickup list. This week is when he should be owned. Having missed the entire season with a leg injury, Brown is expected to make his debut against the Raiders. Lets face it, Brandon Jacobs is over the hill and Peyton Hillis is just a short lived fill-in. I know David Wilson is expected to come back soon as well, but his disappointing year could keep him down on the depth chart if Brown can come back strong. We’ve seen Brown do damage before in a starting role. I truly believe he would have been named the starter several weeks ago if he hadn’t been hurt before the start of the season. Now that he’s back, he is a must pickup in ALL league formats. He won’t be an every-down back. Wilson will still get work, but Brown should get a majority of the carries. Especially near the goal line. You won’t be disappointed.


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