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Raiders defense has only one starter from last year but they are fighting

Out of the 11 players on the Raiders defense, the only player that was tgeir last year is Lamar Houston. Defensive Coordinator has stuck with this defense through thick and thin. Shoot he even gave the ref something to look at after he flipped off the ref for a bad call. We Jason believes in this group and tgey are playing really hard right now.

“There are no perfect calls; there’s only perfect execution,” Tarver said Thursday. “That’s how we approach it. ‘Hey, look, do your job. Do your job and do it with that kind of passion and if you’re not doing it with passion, you’re going to hear about it. But there’s very few of our guys that are that way, and that’s where we’re very thankful for Reggie and Dennis for who they’ve brought into our room, and they keep bringing in our room. Because these guys want to be great.”

I have to agree this Raiders defense has been good. At home they are darn near unstoppable.


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