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It will be very hard to prove Aaron Hernandez is guilty without someone cooperating

I have been working in law enforcement for quite some time, and what I have learned is murder is the hardest charge to convict a person on.  As law enforcement you have to find out so much and really have testimonies from people who were at the scene to testify against you.  If no one is co0perating, and there is no murder weapon it will be very hard to find the person guilty of murder.  Aaron Hernandez has a co-defendent named Carlos Ortiz that is supposed to testify against him.

Carlos Ortiz, charged as an accessory, probably will not be a witness against Aaron Hernandez in the murder trial of Odin Lloyd, Ortiz’s lawyer told the Herald yesterday.

“I don’t believe he’s going to be a witness, to tell you the truth,” attorney John J. Connors Jr. said after a hearing was postponed. “If people are going on the assumption that because the court dates were moved around we’re cooperating, or we’re doing stuff because he’s cooperating, that’s not the case.”

Ortiz was said to be testifying against Hernandez and he was their one person to really help bury the former New England Patriot Tight End.  To justify murder 1 you have to show a lot in evidence, you have to show malice intent, and pre meditation. For murder two you have to prove the person actually did the crime.  At this point the only thing you can truly charge Aaron Hernandez with at this moment is destroying property for an ongoing investigation.  If Hernandez remains quiet, and his co-defendants remain quiet he could very well beat the murder charge.


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