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The Oneida Indians sent a letter to Roger Goodell about the “R” word

The other day the Oneida Indians met with Roger Goodell about trying to change the name the Redskins, which rmthe Oneida spokesperson called it the “R” word.

While I haven’t really voiced my opinion on the whole situation, I was able to obtain the letter sent to the NFL from the tribe.

I personally don’t feel that Redskins is a slur word, because I grew up on an indian reservation. I remember the kids happy to sport the Redskins emblem as well as the Indians hats. While I cannot speak for everyone, I feel the Redskins were the name of the team because they respected the Natives. They were the first on the land, and if you are gonna have a team in the Nation’s capitol it should be a reminder to all the people in the D.C. area that the Natives were here first. With that emblem in D.C. spread on car’s and on the Radio, our nations capitol and government will not forget about the dying culture of the first people on our land. So while some people want it to go away, I hope it stays, because their culture is dying slowly. I took Seneca classes in school to learn the language, amd at that time the families were trying very hard to get as much information from the people to save the language. i feel the team needs to save the name as well.



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