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Fran Tarkenton wants Matt Cassel to start this week, not Christian Ponder

Fran Tarkenton tells the world in his article for the Pioneer Press that Matt Cassel gives the Vikings the best chance to win.

What gave the Vikings the edge this week was solid, confident, professional quarterback play — something we haven’t had consistently for several years now. Matt Cassel gave the team a chance to win with the way he played — and I would have said that no matter the outcome of the game.

Tarkenton went on to say:

Cassel looked confident in the pocket. He stood strong and decisively made plays. I liked that. Christian Ponder has a lot of natural ability, and he’s shown flashes, but as I said last week, he just looks uncomfortable, even jittery a lot of times.

Listen Vikings staff, he is one of the best quarterbacks of all time.  The guy knows a thing or two about getting wins.


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