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Attention Fantasy Owners: START ELI MANNING THIS WEEK

Here you go folks, I am making a bold prediction.  Last week, I said Reggie Bush would tear it up and go for over a 100.  If you want to win, and you have Eli Manning start him this week.  The Giants will face the Philadelphia Eagles and Chip Kelly.  Well what we have learned about the Eagles and Kelly is he can score points on offense but they cannot stop a cold.  Last week their were mulled for 52 points, by Eli’s brother.

Well Philly is the City of Brotherly Love, so if you want to start a quarterback and you have Eli Manning this is the time.  The Eagles rank 31st in passing defense this year, allowing 325 yards a game in the first four games of the season. Passers are hitting on 70 percent of their passes, and the plays have averaged 8 plus yards a pass.  I am telling you this week is going to be a huge week for the G-Men.  Antrel Rolle said they can sweep the board, while I think he is crazy, they can definitely get a win this week.  I am sorry Chip Kelly, you need to go back to Oregon that running up the score won’t work here in the NFL.


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