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Are the Chiefs just a product of an easy schedule; We will find out…

The Broncos, the Seahawks and the Chiefs had all had pretty easy schedules to be honest, but look at who the Chiefs have played. They beat the Giants and Jaguars, who are terrible. The took down the Cowboys, Eagles, Raiders, and Titans, who are at best .500 teams.  They have not played anybody yet that was a real threat or powerhouse.

This week they play the Texans, and to be honest their roster is not that hard, but if you look at the schedule in an advanced statistical look they are not that great.  Actually they have the second easiest schedule in the NFL so far to date.  According to Football Outsiders’ Defense-adjusted Over Average (DVOA) which breaks down every NFL play and compares teams against a league baseline average. 

So here is my question, do you think the Chiefs are for real?  I know their defense is but we will find out about their offense soon.  The Chiefs play three easy games in the next few weeks.  First up is Houston, then Cleveland and last Buffalo.  They should be 9-0, but I have a feeling they lose one of those games, maybe two.  What do you think?


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