How is T.J. Graham in the NFL? Honest question Bills fans

I remember when the Buffalo Bills OVER drafted T.J. Graham and while I tried to envision their plans for him, it was hard.  Graham was supposed to be a player that can take the top off of a defense.  He was the leading punt returner in the ACC but how did that justify the Buffalo Bills drafting him in the 3rd round.  I had him as an undrafted free agent on my draft board because of his size and hands.

Well this is not the first time he has shown he can’t catch.  Tonight in the fourth quarter, Jeff Tuel threw his only pretty ball and it hit TJ Graham in stride.  Graham burned Joe Haden down the sideline and the kid dropped it.  If Stevie Johnson is out for quite some time, the Bills are doomed.  I don’t understand how T.J. Graham is even in the league, not from a mad point of view (Since I am a Bills fan), but from an honest point of view.  Tonight, the fifth wide out Chris Hogan looked better, if Marquise Goodwin is active next week, the Bills need to start him and inactive Graham.

How about this idea Bills staff, put Graham at PUNT RETURNER ONLY?

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