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Former NFL football star is “Disgusted” by the Protests happening on College Campuses

Former NFL football star is “Disgusted” by the Protests happening on College Campuses

Marcellus Wiley was a star football player in the NFL for many years and had a knack for getting after the quarterback. The former Ivy League standout is now a sports analyst and he is not happy with the protests happening around the country on our college campuses.

Wiley said this week that he is disgusted by the protests happening, especially at his Alma Mater Columbia University. Wiley sat down with Outkick to tell them how sickening the protests are to him.

“I’m disgusted, I don’t pick the political side… it doesn’t matter what side you are politically on this one. You don’t have the right to protest and be unruly. Now peacefully protest, go do it.”

He continued.

“I talk to these kids and I know my foundation, Project Transition, I’m always in the community and talking to these kids… half these kids don’t even know why they out there protesting. It’s unreal… like it’s insane.” Wiley added. “And the ones that do know also know that this is not the end all be all. There are other steps and measures you must take beyond protesting.”

“So I don’t know why these kids are going to this extent… creating encampments, destroying their university, their property, their reputation, because when you leave people ask ‘Where did you go to school?’ and then their minds goes to two places. The positive, academic reputation, great curriculum…. and then awe Columbia… the place where all the protests, the place where all the kids can’t even be controlled, the place where the leadership didn’t step in fast enough, swift enough. So it damages your reputation, but we will rebound because we have to rebound.”

This is happening all over the country right now. It is in the SEC, Ivy League, and everywhere else. These kids are rising up and protesting, but I have to agree with Marcellus on this one, I am not sure they know why they are even protesting.


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