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Arena Football League team cut a player for speaking out against the league | Is the AFL crumbling?

What is going on with the Arena Football League? First the AFL was supposed to have their games televised on the NFL Network. It was supposed to be a huge move by the league to get things running again.

Back when I started in this industry I came up through the AFL and the Orlando Predators. I loved the AFL and everything it stood for. Working for Pat O’Hara was fun, but it was not perfect. The players were paid and the games were wild, but the pay was not the best.

Well, rumors were swirling that AFL President Lee Hutton was supposed to show up on May 3 because players had not been paid by the Minnesota Myth, or had meal vouchers.

The players were upset and wanted their money. Well, Luke Miller was pretty vocal about the situation on Twitter, but would eventually get blocked by the league.

There were rumors that the players for the Myth were not going to show up and play, but before the game kicked off the team released a statement.

Well, the crazy thing is one of the players a linebacker named Zach Curry was cut for the post he made below.

He just said the statement was a lie, and saying the players had no choice but to play.

The crazy thing is Zach was fired this morning by the Myth. The Arena Football League seems to be crumbling right in front of us. The league that I once worked for and took pride in seems to be running like a bootleg league. I hope they get their crap together soon.

This is not the only thing. According to reports, the AFL didn’t pay the broadcasting fees to the NFL Network Either.

It is not just the Minnesota Myth players speaking out. An anonymous player from the Louisiana VooDoo also spoke out on the AFL Forum, claiming he too did not get paid.

I am not one to trash anyone, but the Commissioner of the Arena Football League Lee Hutton doesn’t even have Commissioner on his Twitter page spelled right. I mean what are we doing here people?

Now the Louisiana VooDoo released a statement to their fans.

Iowa Rampage was the first team to fold from the league. They did this on May 2nd, but still finished a game this week. They finished their season 1-1.


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