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Tim Tebow is in D.C. testifying on Child Sex Abuse Crisis

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Tim Tebow is in D.C. testifying on Child Sex Abuse Crisis

On Wednesday, Tim Tebow the former first round NFL Draft pick of the Denver Broncos was in Washington D.C. to talk to the House about the Child Sex Abuse Crisis in the United States.

The former Heisman Trophy Winner, created the Tim Tebow Foundation who is looking to help and prevent Child Sex Abuse from happening.

Tebow’s opening statement was kind of funny as he threw shade on himself.

“[The Tim Tebow Foundation] exists to bring faith, hope and love to those needing a brighter day in their darkest hour of need. To sum it up, we strive to fight for people who can’t fight for themselves,”

“Some of you may know me from sports. but honestly, more of you probably know me from getting cut from a bunch of sports teams,” Tebow joked.

Then Tim opened up about the Crisis in the United States concerning thousands of unidentified children who are victims of sexual abuse, and he called on lawmakers to pass a much needed bill to rescue the kids.

“This bill really has one goal. To build a rescue team, because there’s so many front-line warriors and heroes, but there’s just not enough. And we need to support them, and we need more of them, to get to these 50,000 boys and girls.”

Tebow became emotional when reading a letter from a little girl who was held captive and raped nearly every night for 7 years while begging for help.


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