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Malik Nabers Is The Most Explosive Player in the 2024 NFL Draft

Malik Nabers Is The Most Explosive Player in the 2024 NFL Draft
Malik Nabers Is The Most Explosive Player in the 2024 NFL Draft

Malik Nabers is hands down the most electric player in the draft. He is, in the words of NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah, “a stick of dynamite”. Those words have never been truer. Nabers offers a skill set that sets him apart not only from other wideouts in the draft, but puts him at the tops of my wide receiver rankings in the past few years. 

Nabers is absolutely my favorite prospect in this entire draft class. He is easily the most explosive player in the class. The one “weakness” I found in his game is his tendency to catch with his body, but with such few drops in his college career, I refuse to see this as much of an issue at all. 

Malik has an uber developed route tree and knows how to get open consistently. He explodes off the line and has excellent footwork inside of his routes, and when the ball is in the air he is able to adjust and contort his body to make the catch. He is dynamic with the ball in his hands after the catch, and is able to make plays happen. Nabers is slightly undersized at 6 foot even, but what he lacks in size he makes up for in his ability to fight for extra yards when being tackled. When he picks up to his top speed it seems he is almost impossible to stop. He plays at such a high level, you could plug him in anywhere and he would dominate. 

His speed is top of the class as well. He is able to effectively hit that second level in terms of his speed and acceleration to gain huge chunks of yards after the catch. When I say explosive, I mean Malik Nabers. The two terms are synonymous at this point. 

Even with all that being said, Nabers sits at number 2 in the class behind none other than Marvin Harrison Jr. However, it is getting increasingly tempting to put Malik Nabers as my top player in the entire draft. Watch out, because I can see it happening sooner than later.


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