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RG3 says Caleb Williams should pull a Eli Manning and not play for the Bears

Is Caleb Williams father try to ruin his son's draft stock? What is he doing?
RG3 says Caleb Williams should pull a Eli Manning and not play for the Bears

After this weekend the Chicago Bears made up their mind, and they finally showed their hand. The Bears traded Justin Fields to the Pittsburgh Steelers, and basically told the world they were selecting Caleb Williams with the first overall pick.

Well, one former NFL quarterback and play-by-play announcer thinks Williams should pull a Eli Manning and tell the Bears he will not play for them. Now, former NFL quarterback Robert Griffin III offers a bold suggestion on his future, advising Williams to pull off a move like Eli Manning and assert his dominance in the professional footballing landscape.

Considering Manning’s stern decision not to play for the Chargers, he said, “He refused to play for them, even threatened to sit out an entire season if they drafted him, and they still drafted him.” Griffin added, “What team out there gives him the best chance to be successful? Only he can deem that.” His insight into the situation underlines the pivotal decision that Williams faces as he navigates the pre-draft process.

Griffin went on to say that Williams has the power.

“He does have power right now, and he should exercise it if he feels like Chicago is not where he should be,

I am not sure what Caleb Williams should do, but he is not listening to us anyway, he is beating his own drum.


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