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Biggest winners and Biggest losers after Day 2 of Free Agency

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Biggest winners and Biggest losers after Day 2 of Free Agency

The Tampering Period in the NFL was firing on all cylinders the last two days. Players were getting paid left and right. Some teams made a splash while others lost a lot of players. Let’s take a look at a couple of the biggest winners and biggest losers in free agency on Day 2.


Houston Texans

The Houston Texans struck gold yesterday, they landed Joe Mixon in a trade for a seventh round pick and then signed Danielle Hunter to a three year deal worth 51 million dollars. The Texans are starting to look like a force.

Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens added Derrick Henry to the Ravens backfield. While the team did lose Patrick Queen to their rivals the Steelers, they picked up a former Heisman Trophy winner who will make the Ravens a very difficult team to stop.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Steelers were able to trade Diontae Johnson for a very solid cornerback in Donte Jackson and also sign Patrick Queen. The Steelers have always been about their defense, so it was only right to add pieces to the puzzle.


Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys have made one move so far, after their owner came out and said the team was going ALL-IN this year. They signed a long snapper. I am sorry, you are not doing well in free agency.

New England Patriots

Patriots have been trying extremely hard to sign WR Calvin Ridley who has basically been holding out for his hometown Jaguars to sign him. The problem is if Calvin Ridley signs a contract before 4 pm today the Falcons would land a second round pick. The crazy thing is while Ridley has an offer on the table for the Patriots he will likely re-sign with the Jaguars and the Pats will miss out.

Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons will likely end up getting a 3rd round pick today after four, if Ridley does in fact sign with the Jaguars If Calvin Ridley signs with the Patriots though this would be a huge screw fest for the Falcons The Falcons would not get any pick at all.


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