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2024 NFL Draft Prospect Interview: Quinzel Lockhart, WR, Elizabeth City State University

Quinzel Lockhart, WR, Elizabeth City State University
Quinzel Lockhart the star wide receiver from Elizabeth City State University recently sat down with NFL Draft Diamonds scout Justin Berendzen.
  • Name: Quinzel Lockhart
  • Position: WR
  • College: Elizabeth City State University
  • Height: 6’3”
  • Weight: 205 lbs
  • X (Twitter): @saucyy6
  • Instagram: @quinzellockhart

What made you decide you wanted to be a football player?

My father, he introduced me into the sport when I was younger. He coached me, I didn’t think I was good at it but I just kept going and my pops just kept believing in me, I thought he was delusional at first but I kept working and then I started seeing progress in it. And with that process came confidence, it gave me the confidence to play other sports, I ended up playing 4 sports in high school and decided to continue football in college. I got a certain feeling of achievement seeing the fruits of my labor come into play.

What are your favorite moments from your football life?

It would have to be winning the HBCU Celebration Bowl in 2018 and 2019. To see all the hard work me and the guys put in day in and day out pay off on a national level felt really good. Another one would be one of my top performances against a national ranked Virginia Union where I hauled in 9 receptions, 175 receiving yards, and three touchdowns. I would also reach a career and school milestone by hauling in a 95-yard touchdown pass, making it the longest reception in ECSU program history and the conference.

What are you looking to achieve as a football player going forward?

I’m looking to achieve absolute greatness, keep providing results and just doing what I can to perform at a high level day in and day out.

If you could hang out with any football player past or present for a day who and why?

I would say Andre Johnson, he was one of the receivers I grew up watching when I was younger. He plays with passion and purpose, while using his abilities to the best they can be used with. Great size, matched with the speed and the ability to make an explosive play at any moment.

Which one of your family members inspires you the most and why?

I would say my father, he’s a hardworking man of God. I’ve never heard him complain about anything. When I was younger if there was a problem he stepped up and found a way to fix it. I applied those rules to myself and how I view many things. Even today the passion and love for his family and the game of football hasn’t changed. He’s shown me how to be a man and I’m forever thankful for that.

What is your favorite offensive scheme and why?

My favorite offensive scheme would have to be the Wide Zone Offense, mixed in with some spread and RPO. The reason is because this style is designed to stretch a defensive horizontally with the run in order to open up windows for the passing game. I have no problem blocking because I know it sets up the pass game.

What should we know about Quinzel Lockhart the person?

You should know that Quinzel Lockhart is a hardworking person, a loving person, he looks at adversity and challenges and smiles at them because he knows that it’s just a testament to his strength. He is willing to be the man in the arena and will keep getting up no matter how many times he’s been knocked down. Through all perseverance he will show great courage and enthusiasm to make his vision come true.

What stands out about your film the most?

What stands out the most is my ability to make dead plays come to life, I can catch a slant. Make one miss and go the distance. My film shows a lot of explosive plays, making people miss tackles and just coming down with some good catches.

How do you handle challenges both in life and on the football field?

The way I handle challenges is with gratitude, because without challenges you won’t ever know your true potential. I look at them and smile. I do become a little anxious but I’m sure I’m not the only one. I also meditate and pray about it. At the end of it all I can only control myself so I just have to stay positive and trust I’m doing the right thing.

What would a team get in a player like you?

A team would be getting a hard worker, someone who will do what they can to persevere through challenges and bring results. And also someone with a leader mindset.

What do you love the most about the game of football?

I love practice, it’s constant crafting and learning my teammates gave me the best work day in and day out and I complemented them by doing the same thing. I’m thankful for that and usually how you practice will give you a feeling about the game. I also love hanging out with my teammates, ever since I was younger that’s how I always made friends, meeting the guys on the team, hearing their stories. Learning from them, it’s a different kind of drive when you can call a group of people you just met your brother.

Who is the most underrated player you’ve played with and why?

I’d say myself, the reason why is I’ve always had to go through some form of adversity and challenges in football. But I’ve always accepted the challenge and seen it through, I’ve had 100 No’s but when I finally got that 1 “Yes” I made the most of it and did all I could to achieve what they seen in me that the others didn’t. I’m extremely grateful for them as well.


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