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Does Jesus Christ have a place in the National Football League? | Why I feel he does

Does Jesus Christ have a place in the National Football League? | Why I feel he does
Does Jesus Christ have a place in the National Football League? | Why I feel he does

This past several weeks we have watched players confess the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on television and it is great. I am a believer in Jesus after many years of not knowing him or even trying to know him.

I know everyone says that football is supposed to be about the game and running around and hitting one another, but I feel Jesus does have a place in the game. I wanted to put together a piece on why I feel Jesus does belong in football and give a few factors of why I love to see the gospel being shared.

Personal Faith

Just last week CJ Stroud of the Houston Texans won Rookie of the Year and the first thing he said was thank you to Jesus Christ, the same as Lamar Jackson when he won the MVP. Many players and coaches in the NFL are people of faith who profess belief in Jesus Christ as their savior. For some, faith is a deeply personal aspect of their lives that influences their values, decisions, and actions both on and off the field. They may rely on prayer, meditation, and scripture for guidance, strength, and perspective during challenging times.

Team Chaplains and Spiritual Support

Several NFL teams have chaplains or spiritual advisors who provide religious support and counseling to players and staff. These chaplains may lead team prayer sessions, Bible studies, or offer pastoral care to individuals in need. They serve as a resource for players seeking spiritual guidance or assistance with personal and emotional issues.

Pre-game Rituals and Prayer

If you remember the Damar Hamlin situation, the NFL teams came together and prayed before the game, and in almost every game the players met at the fifty-yard line to pray to Jesus. It’s not uncommon to see players and teams engage in pre-game rituals or prayer before games. Some teams gather in locker rooms for group prayers or moments of reflection, seeking divine guidance and protection for themselves and their teammates. Individual players may also engage in personal rituals or prayers before taking the field.

Public Expression of Faith

Some NFL players are vocal about their faith and use their platform to share their beliefs with fans and the public. This may include giving interviews or speeches about the role of faith in their lives, sharing inspirational messages on social media, or participating in religious events and outreach activities in their communities.

Philanthropy and Community Service

Kirk Cousins, Derek Carr, and Tony Dungy all do a great job at helping the community and spreading the gospel. Many NFL players and teams are actively involved in charitable and community service efforts, motivated by their faith to serve others and make a positive impact in the world. They may support religious organizations, churches, or faith-based initiatives that address social issues such as poverty, homelessness, addiction, and education.

It’s important to recognize that while faith and religion play a significant role in the lives of many individuals in the NFL, they are just one aspect of the diverse experiences and backgrounds within the league. Players, coaches, and teams come from various religious and cultural backgrounds, and the NFL strives to promote inclusivity, tolerance, and respect for all beliefs.

I know not everyone believes in Jesus and many feel we as Christians are pushing or shoving the word down their throats, but as a believer, my job is to spread the gospel. These players believe have the same duty. It is our job to share the gospel, so when they use their platform to do so, I feel it is important. That is why I use my platform to do the same. So do you feel Jesus should be talked about in the NFL?


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