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Jesus commercials spark debate, but it was the best money spent

Jesus commercials spark debate, but it was the best money spent
Jesus commercials spark debate, but it was the best money spent

I know people tuned in to watch the Super Bowl, and to watch football, but let’s face it the game was not very good until the fourth quarter.

Today, He Gets Us is getting smashed by people all over the internet for doing everything and anything to push the message of Jesus Christ and his humility.

The commercial for He Gets Us showed men washing the feet of their friends and their enemies. The thing is people are not talking about the other religions commercials that were pumped out there either.

“He Gets Us,” the marketing campaign aimed at connecting people with Jesus, was not the only commercial aimed at religion, it was joined by Hallow, a Catholic app using Mark Wahlberg in the commercial encouraging others to pray, and Robert Kraft’s Foundation to Combat Antisemitism.

You do not have anyone talking trash about the other two commercials but they want to talk trash about the Jesus commercial, because frankly, the truth hurts.

People like Sawyer Hackett a Democratic strategist, went to Twitter, to say “With the money the ‘He Gets Us’ people spent on their right-wing Jesus ads, they could permanently house 1,563 people experiencing homelessness”, yet right now, we are taking better care of our immigrants walking over the border than our own homeless people.

People are worried about the wrong thing. We have hotels filled right now with illegal immigrants, yet people are still trying to feel bad for homeless people, yet they do nothing to help them.

He Gets Us was not just putting on a commercial, they showed up in Vegas and held a service on Saturday in Sin City.

Volunteers, including Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson and former Indianapolis Colts coach Tony Dungy, offered more than 1,500 Las Vegas residents a hot lunch and groceries to take home, and led kids through a series of fun football drills.

The number one job of a Christian is to spread the Gospel. Last night the company used the fandom of Taylor Swift, the NFL, the Chiefs, the Niners and football fans to spread the message of Jesus. You may not think it was a smart move, but when they tell us how many people turned in to watch the Super Bowl, you will see the true cost of that commercial.

If you can touch one person and tell them about the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, it was worth the 7 million dollar 30 second commercial. The ad company paid for two commercials, and it was still worth it!

Last year the Super Bowl had 100,000,000 viewers and I bet that number went up this year easily. Especially with the fans of Taylor Swift tuning in. If it just stayed at 100 million that was a little more than 7 dollars per viewer to hear the word of Jesus. That is really worth it. I think when it is all said and done and the numbers come out I could see it below 5 dollars per household. That is well worth it.

I think people are forgetting the reason behind the religion.

One of the primary reasons to share the Gospel is to fulfill Jesus’ Great Commission. In Matthew 28:19–20, Jesus commanded His disciples to “Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.” As believers, we are called to follow this commandment and share the message of salvation with others.

The Top 10 reasons to follow Christ are as follows:

  1. To Fulfill the Great Commission
  2. To Love Our Neighbors
  3. To Spread the Truth
  4. To Follow Jesus’ Example
  5. To Bring Glory to God
  6. To Help Others Find Peace
  7. To Help Others Find Purpose
  8. To Help Others Find Hope
  9. To Obey God’s Word
  10. To Help Save Souls

It is pretty clear to me, the He Gets Us ad worked. They completed all ten by their ad! It was worth it!

Damond Talbot

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