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Caleb Williams could be starting a new trend by not signing an NFL agent as a top 10 pick

Caleb Williams could be starting a new trend by not signing an NFL agent as a top 10 pick
Caleb Williams could be starting a new trend by not signing an NFL agent as a top 10 pick

Caleb Williams could soon become the No. 1 pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, and the star USC quarterback does not currently employ an agent. He intends to continue representing himself going into the pros, much like Lamar Jackson.

While there are many reasons to have an agent in your corner during the NFL Draft, for a top 10 pick and a top-rated quarterback is it necessary?

There isn’t a definitive reason why a football player shouldn’t hire an NFLPA-certified agent, as these agents are specifically trained and certified to represent players in negotiations with teams, ensuring they receive fair contracts and representation.

However, there might be individual circumstances where a player may choose not to hire such an agent.

Trusting you are a Top 10 pick

If a player knows that he is a top 10 pick much like we know Caleb Williams is a lock to be a top 10 pick, why do you need an agent? Honestly, can an agent get you more money? The NFL Draft picks have allotted salary caps. You are going to hold out for the most guaranteed money. And do not sign until the picks after you at the QB position sign their deal. This is not science. So if you go first overall. You let the quarterback behind you set the guaranteed money and then you collect. This is so easy a caveman can do it.


NFLPA-certified agents can land anywhere from 1 to 3 percent of the player’s contract, and some players might opt for cheaper representation, especially if they’re looking to maximize their earnings. A player can have a lawyer from the streets review the final contract and probably have that done for 1000 dollars or less. Why give up 3 percent of your first contract? Remember your first contract is for five years if you are a rookie. That is five years of paying fees to an agent.

Do not settle for less than the 1st overall in 2023

Bryce Young signed a 4 year, $37,955,071 contract with the Carolina Panthers, including a $24,603,688 signing bonus, $37,955,071 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $9,488,768. At three percent an agent would take away $1,138,652.13. Can you blame Caleb Williams for wanting to do it on his own? That is a huge house for his family.

Individual Preferences:

Every player is different, and some might prefer to have more direct involvement in their negotiations or decision-making process, which could lead them to choose a different representation path.

Overall, while NFLPA-certified agents are generally well-regarded and provide valuable services to players, there may be circumstances where a player decides to go a different route based on their individual needs and preferences, but if you are a top 10 pick, there is no need to have an agent. I am going to say it. I went to school to be a sports agent, but a caveman can negotiate a contract for Caleb Williams. He is smart for doing this. I would not be shocked if many players projected as top 10 players in the future do the same thing.

The agents do cover stipends and housing/training, but why do you need an agent if you have millions in NIL money? You can train yourself and if you are the best quarterback in the country you can pick what trainer you want. They will work with you for free just to say they have you as a client. This is not science folks, Caleb Williams is smart.


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