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NFL Draft 2024 — The Most Likely Order for the First Three Picks

NFL Draft 2024 — The Most Likely Order for the First Three Picks
NFL Draft 2024 — The Most Likely Order for the First Three Picks

Is there a more exciting time on the NFL calendar than the NFL Draft? Sure, the Super Bowl is as thrilling as it gets on the field. Regular season games involving top teams are always engaging too, and for these, you can explore the best bets today football at The Game Day. But off the field, nothing compares to the NFL Draft. This event occurs once each year, and it has a massive impact on the leagues and its many franchises.

The 2024 NFL Draft is due to be held in April 2024. The exact order for teams concerning when they make their picks is not yet confirmed, but there are a range of indicators that allow us to speculate on who will have the first three picks, which is always important.

On that note, check out our predicted order for the first three picks for the 2024 NFL Draft.

First Pick—Arizona Cardinals

The structure of the NFL Draft is simple. It follows the reverse order of the final NFL records from the previous season. This means that the team that finishes last (with the worst win/loss record) gets the first pick. At the other end of the scale, however, the Super Bowl champions are given the last pick. So, in line with the 2023 NFL standings, we predict that the Arizona Cardinals will get the first pick in the 2024 NFL Draft.

The Arizona Cardinals have a 1-7 record at the time of writing, and their only win in the 2023 season came against the Dallas Cowboys. Since that sole win, they’ve lost four of five games by a double-digit margin, and with internal struggles, they’ve got a mountain to climb to turn the season around.

Second Pick—Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears have an average NFL Draft position of 3.9, putting them in the middle of the Arizona Cardinals and the New York Giants. As for their record this season, they have the exact same win/loss record as the New York Giants: 2-6. However, the losses sustained have been significant, with margins of close to 20 points or more seen against multiple opponents.

This is another reason that we believe the Chicago Bears will have the second pick, as they are clearly far off the standard required to pick up the results necessary for a positive season. 

Third Pick—New York Giants

The win/loss record for the New York Giants isn’t quite as severe as it is for the Arizona Cardinals, but it’s far from positive. At the time of writing, the New York Giants have a 2-6 record for the 2023 NFL season, with 1-3 records for both home and away games. This is obviously concerning, as most teams have better home than away records, but New York hasn’t managed this so far.

Furthermore, the New York Giants have an average NFL Draft position of 5.8, historically speaking. So, this coincides with the season-end projections right now.

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