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2024 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Will Putnam, OL, Clemson

Will Putnam displays a good anchor, balance and flexibility as an offensive lineman for Clemson. Hula Bowl scout Brinson Bagley breaks him down as an NFL Prospect in his report.

Player Data

Name, Jersey #Will Putnam, #56
School (Code)Clemson University (SCCL)
DOB, Class Yr08-13-2000, rSr
Height, Weight6042, 310
40 Yd Dash5.26 est.
Arm, Hand3100, 0938
HonorsThird-team All-ACCFirst-team All-ACC (College Football Network)All-ACC Academic TeamACC Honor Roll SelectionThird-team All-Conference Phil Steele
Season Viewed (yr)2023
Games Watched09/23/2023 Florida State @ Clemson09/04/2024 Clemson @ Duke10/07/2023 Wake Forest @ Clemson
Scout Name / DateBrinson Bagley, 10/31/2023

Per Year Stats (Most Recent First)

2023GP 7, GS 7          
2022GP 14, GS 14          
2021GP 10, GS 10          
2020GP 12, GS 12          
2019GP 11, GS 0          

Player Summary:

Will has a stocky endomorphic frame, slimmer thighs, and a smaller base. Placing a great frame for his slotted position at Center. He blocks in gun plays and in short-yardage situations. He lines up low and leans forward in his stance and plays with very good balance. He easily places himself in the best position to make the most effective block on the defender, completely sealing them in double teams. He is flexible and excels at technique, which bolsters his effectiveness. His good functional strength in power plays allows him to adjust mid-play, blocking efficiently from any angle. In backside zone run blocks he halts the IDL altogether, turning them consistently. He can also halt a defender’s momentum with his firm anchor and then gather to generate a counter push. He has a solid jump off the snap, shooting his hands very quickly, attacking the chest and shoulder to fit his needs. He reaches the 2nd level consistently with sufficient speed. One of his most dominant abilities is his UOH, giving him a firm dependable grip and maintaining the block with authority. He is quick to re-direct in pass pro and will attack incoming rushers, knocking them off course. He mirrors the defender and uses leverage to minimize his effective window around him and stall any bull rush attempts. He is a competitive player, fighting to the whistle, and will make sure his assignment does not make the play. He does show some short-range ineffectiveness with his play speed, leading to issues making blocks in a short radius. For his smaller frame, he still finds himself running around on the 2nd level, and space blocks struggling to reach the defender. In zone blocks, he fights even to have a chance to cross the IDL’s shoulder.

Scheme Fit:

Any scheme. Will thrive in downhill run-heavy schemes.

Power Statement:

Will has the ability to increase his play speed, and space block ability, to remove one of his few flaws. A smaller center who has the FBI and good technique to be a dream scenario for offensive minds around the league. Has the ability to compete for a starting or backup job immediately in the NFL.


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