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2024 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Tahveon Nicholson, CB, Illinois 

Tahveon Nicholson is a reliable DB for Illinois, having solid lateral quickness. Hula Bowl scout Ian McNice breaks down Nicholson as an NFL Prospect in his report.

Player Data

Name, Jersey #Tahveon Nicholson #3 
School (Code)University of Illinois (ILUN)
DOB, Class Yr01/31/2000, rJr  
Height, Weight5095, 180 lbs 
40 Yd Dash4.50e 
Honors/Captainship2x Academic All-BIG 10, Illinois’ Howard Griffith Impact Player Award winner, PFF Preseason All-BIG 10 3rd team
Season Viewed (yr)2022, 2023
Games WatchedVAUN (22’), NEUN (23’), INPU (23’)
Scout Name / DateIan McNice, 10/23/2023

Per Year Stats (Most Recent First)

20238 GP, 8 GS, 24 TKL, 1.0 TFL, 5 PD, 2 FF, 1 FR 
202210 GP, 10 GS, 19 TKL, 1.0 TFL, 1 INT, 6 PD, 1 FF 
20218 GP, 2 GS, 11 TKL, 2 PD

Player Summary:

Redshirt Junior from Jacksonville, Florida. A 3-star recruit (247Sports) out of Palmetto Prep Academy, ranked 7th nationally among prep school athletes and 1st in Florida. Marginal height, poor weight, effective length for his size, and solid AA. He plays with acceptable acceleration, solid lateral quickness, adequate foot speed, and below-average COD. Good matching the WR’s release at the LOS in soft press, eye position allows him to key his matchup early. Solid footwork in his backpedal, accelerates proficiently and has excellent timing opening his hips in man technique. Plays sticky man coverage, he has solid anticipation on crossing routes and gets into a good trail position where he can make a play on the ball. Uses solid lateral quickness to stay in phase vs vertical routes, he plays a physical brand of man coverage using his inside hand to feel where his matchup is at all times. Communicates well in zone coverage vs crossing concepts that require him bouncing responsibilities to teammates. Above-average keying QB’s eye/shoulder position as a deep ½ or ⅓ defender, displaying capable range on the backend. Solid ball skills, he is good at getting his eyes in position to make a play on the ball and efficiently gets his hands between the WR’s. Below-average capitalizing when in great position to convert INT’s. Solid open field tackler, he throws his entire upper body weight into the ball carrier to make the play because of his small stature and brings good force. Adequate in run support, he is marginal at the POA vs all WR’s blocking him due to his length, he takes very good pursuit angles when given the opportunity to freely shoot towards the box. Marginal vs double moves and good stems with misdirection, adequate foot speed and below-average COD make it where if he does not anticipate the shake of the WR, he has a clear disadvantage.

Scheme Fit:

Boundary CB in Two High scheme

Power Statement:

Nicholson is trustworthy in man and zone coverage, he primarily utilizes man technique and is excellent getting in position to make a play on the ball. He positively impacts your defense in run support by being a willing participant in the box while having marginal size.  


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