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2024 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Tejhaun Palmer, WR, UAB

Tejhaun Palmer is the favorite target in UAB's offense with big, strong size and consistent hands as a receiver. Hula Bowl scout Brinson Bagley breaks down Palmer as an NFL Prospect in his report.
Tejhaun Palmer is the favorite target in UAB’s offense with big, strong size and consistent hands as a receiver. Hula Bowl scout Brinson Bagley breaks down Palmer as an NFL Prospect in his report.

Player Data

Name, Jersey #Tejhaun Palmer, #19
School (Code)University of Alabama at Birmingham (ALBI)
Class YrrSr 2024
Height, Weight6016, 210
Position/DepthX receiver (Possession WR), Slot
Honors/CaptainshipHonorable Mention All-Conference USA
Season Viewed (Yr)2022 & 2023
Games Watched11/05/2022 UTSA @ ALBI 10/01/2022 ALBI @ TXRI09/09/2023 ALBI @ GASO
Scout Name / DateBrinson Bagley, 09/25/2023

Per Year Stats (Most Recent First)

2023(4 Games)Rec. 16    Yds. 185    Avg. 11.6    TD  1
2023Rec. 30    Yds. 479    Avg.  16   TD  2
2021Rec. 6    Yds. 72    Avg. 12    TD  0
2020JUCO (Snow College)
2019JUCO (Snow College)

Player Summary:

Tejhaun boasts good height and weight, showing a great frame for his size. His most successful routes are zone uncovers, stop routes, and crossers. He possesses capable hands, good functional strength, and FBI. When attacking zone defenses, his persistence and toughness allow him to attack when taking hits, often falling forward with his bulking size against the DB. He is quick to turn upfield after the catch, while requiring multiple defenders to tackle him. His solid play speed and burst are on display after his stem break and assist his elusiveness when getting YAC. Against press coverage, he uses quick stutter steps to generate his stem and bulky frame to seal off the defender on a dig route. When running a fade, he will get to the outside shoulder and can stack, and his firm UOH combines with his feet to prevent the defender from hindering his route structure. This Senior may be best at blocking, at times playing bully to smaller corners, and is effective against all DB’s in generating a push. Additionally, he excels at adjusting to the ball using well-timed jumps against double coverage, reaching for low passes, and keeping a consistent rhythm allowing the QB to trust his timing while playing with high effort and toughness that allows him to shake off a big hit. He struggles with twitch; and has slow reactions to in-play developments that allow defenders that jump in front of him to react with his delayed response. In off-coverage, his marginal release allows the defender to jump his routes as little initial separation is created. When running routes, he creates a smaller amount of space than desired, requiring him to resort to his ball adjustment skills more often. He also struggles to generate separation when running deep routes. 

Scheme Fit:


Power Statement:

Tejhaun has the size, FBI, and physical traits to overcome his deficiencies and compete at the next level for playing time at receiver. While he may initially come off as stiff, his adjustments to the ball display fluidity and flexibility

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